How to Enable Two-factor Authentication In WordPress

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Your website/blog is your home on the internet, just as we all use a lock to protect our house from thieves, right. Similarly, to protect your website from hackers, you also use a unique and strong password. But in today’s advanced technology, hacking the password is not a big deal. Therefore, to overcome this weakness of security, you must have seen that big companies like Google, and Facebook, Bank’s also offer the option of Two Step Authentication.

If you are worried about the security of your website or you want to make your website more secure, then now you can add Two-Step Verification to your WordPress website also. This ensures maximum security for your WordPress site. In today’s post, we will tell you how to use Two-Step Authentication in your WordPress website.

What is Two-Step Authentication?

Two-step authentication is also known as 2 step verification, this is a very good method to make your website secure. Normally, to log in to any website, we need a Username and Password, and cracking the password of a WordPress website is not a big deal for today’s advanced hackers.

If you use two-step authentication, then to login to the website, apart from the username and password, you will also need an OTP code which will be available only on your mobile, now if someone comes to know about the username and password of your website. Even if he goes, he cannot log in to your website without an OTP code. Meaning, that by using it your website gets double security.

How to Enable Two-Step Authentication for WordPress Website Security

It is very easy to enable and use Two-Step Authentication on a WordPress website. You will find many plugins for Two-Step Authentication on WordPress, but the best among them is Google Authenticator Plugin. Today we will tell you how to enable Two-Step Verification in your website through Google Authenticator Plugin.

How does the Google Authenticator Plugin work

Your website will be directly connected to your mobile phone through Google Authenticator Plugin and Google Authenticator App. Suppose you use two-step authentication and you are logging into your website, then at that time, you will be sent an OTP from the Google Authenticator Plugin to the Google Authenticator App of your mobile, which you will enter along with your Username and Password. You can log in to the website.

How to set up Google Authenticator Plugin?

Now you must have understood what Two-Step Authentication is. Now you must be wondering how to use Two Step Authentication on my website. Now we will tell you how to enable Two-Step Authentication for the security of the WordPress website through Google Authenticator Plugin.

Step 1: Install Google Authenticator App

First of all, go to your Smartphone and install Google Authenticator App.

Screenshot 2023 12 31 162935

Step 2: Install and activate Google Authenticator Plugin

Now go to the Dashboard of your WordPress website and install the Google Authenticator Plugin and activate it.

Screenshot 2023 12 31 162841

Step 3:  Google Authenticator Settings

Now open Google Authenticator Settings by clicking on Users > Your Profile in the sidebar. Now a window will be visible in front of you like the screenshot given below, some settings are given in it, let us know about the important settings made in these.

WordPress Website
  • Active – By clicking on the box in front of Active and checking it, Google Authenticator Plugin will become active. (Check this box after configuring the entire setting)
  • Relaxed Mode – By default the Google authenticator code changes every 30 seconds. Meaning, that while logging into the website, you will have to enter the OTP code sent on your mobile within 30 seconds, it will expire after 30 seconds. If you want to increase this period then you can enable it.
  • Description-  Here enter any name without space like blogfatal, and you will see the login code in Google Authenticator with this name.
  • Secret-  Here you will get 2 options Create New Secret and Show/Hide QR Code. You click on Show/Hide QR Code. Now you will see a QR Code below.
  • Note- Leave Enable App Password as it is.

Step 4: Scan QR Code

After doing all the configuration, open the Google Authenticator App installed in your mobile and proceed by clicking on BEGIN , now you will be seeing two options Scan a barcode and Enter a product Key. Scanning QR Code. 

WordPress Website 2 300x275 1

Now when you login to go to the Dashboard of your website, apart from the Username and Password, you will also have to enter the Google Authentication Code, as you can see in the screenshot given below. 

WordPress Website Enable1

Two-Step Authentication Troubleshooting

  • If for some reason you are not receiving the OTP code or your mobile is lost and you are not able to login to your WordPress Dashboard, then in such a situation you can go to the cPanel of your hosting server and go to wp-content/plugins/google-authenticator Google. The Authenticator Plugin will have to be deleted.
  • If you are not able to login to your website despite entering the correct OTP code, then open the Google Authenticator App installed on your mobile, go to its Settings>Time Correction for Codes, and click on Sync Now. Login again after the sync is complete. Do it.

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