How to Fix WordPress Failed to Load Resource Error

How to Fix WordPress Failed to Load Resource Error

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A common error that WordPress users are facing these days is Failed To Load Resource Error. It is a bit difficult to fix this error because it occurs due to WordPress Plugin Compatibility and HTTPS URL issues.

When we do various tasks in WordPress, this “Failed to load resource” error occurs like

  • Some users have encountered errors while working in their browser developer console.
  • Some have seen this error in their WordPress Admin dashboard.
  • Have encountered this issue while performing tasks like uploading media files.

As you know, the WordPress system, plugins, and themes run on PHP scripts. These scripts send requests to communicate with resources stored on your server. When something interferes with these requests, WordPress fails to fetch the resources. This is when you usually encounter issues like the “Failed to load resource” error.

How To Fix Failed To Load Resource 404 Error

“Error loading resource failed” can have many different causes. Using outdated plugins or themes, URL configuration issues, and incompatible plugins are some of the common culprits that cause the error.

Method 1: Deactivate Your Antivirus Plugins

If you’ve encountered the “Failed To Load Resource” error with a 400 status error, like this: “Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 400 () /wp-admin/admin-ajax.php”

Then this usually means either the URL of the resource has been changed or a plugin is blocking WordPress from accessing the file. In most cases, an antivirus plugin can block WordPress from accessing certain files it thinks are suspicious.

If you have any antivirus plugins or firewalls installed on your WordPress website, disable them to check if it fixes this error.

Method 2: Disable And Reactivate All Plugins

This error also usually occurs due to plugin compatibility issues. To see if the error is caused by a plugin or one that needs to be fixed, you can try disabling all plugins on your WordPress website. Then reactivate the plugins one by one, refreshing the page each time and see if the error appears.

Method 3: Update Theme and Plugins

Some WordPress users have complained about the “Failed to load resource” error appearing in the Chrome Developer Console, followed by a 404 Page Not Found message.

Almost all of the reported issues were found to be caused by an old plugin or a new plugin. Updating to the latest patched version of the plugin fixed the problem.

If you recently got the “Failed to load resource” error, try updating your plugins and see if a newer version of your theme is available. If not, report the issue to the developers.

Method 4: Change the Default WordPress URL

The reason behind many cases of “Failed to load resource” errors was very clear. In most cases, the error appeared only after installing the SSL certificate and switching the website from HTTP to HTTPS.

Switching a website to use SSL will usually mean a change in the URL. Sometimes, the WordPress system and plugins can get confused about whether to fetch resources via the old HTTP or the new HTTPS.

For some users, this issue occurred because the URL of the WordPress installation was still using the old HTTP after converting the website to HTTPS. All they had to do to fix this issue was to change the WordPress address URL.

If your website also has a URL found in WordPress settings, go to the General Settings tab in the WordPress dashboard and change the WordPress address (URL) to https.

Keep in mind that this is a very risky solution. Please seek professional advice from an expert before changing this URL.

Since this error comes in so many forms, it is difficult to offer a guaranteed solution that works for all situations. If the above methods do not help fix the issue, reach out to your web hosting provider’s customer support team consult an experienced WordPress developer, or get help from a professional.

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Regenia J. Arendt
Regenia J. Arendt
1 month ago

Activating the default WordPress theme, then activating the other theme again did the trick for me. Thank you!

Edwin C. King
Edwin C. King
1 month ago

Thanks this is very helpful!

Sienna Corrie
Sienna Corrie
1 month ago

You explanations of this stuff are the best on the web. Simple, clear, tested by a real person! Thanks so much

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