What is Backlinks? How Does it Work?

What is Backlinks How Does it Work

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Backlinks are very important to rank our website in Google. But many people (especially those who are new to the field of blogging) do not understand the meaning of backlinks and their importance properly. 

Many new bloggers remain confused about the meaning of backlinks. They do not have very clear information about the meaning of backlinks and their impact on the site, due to which they make many mistakes in the beginning of their blogging career, due to which they have to suffer the consequences later.

Therefore, if you are also a new blogger and are often confused about backlinks and its meaning, then you must read this article till the end because in this we are going to give A to Z information about backlinks.

What is Backlink in SEO

“Backlinks” is one of the most commonly used terms in the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

When a link from a webpage or website is linked to another website, it is called a backlink. In simple language, when I put a link of my website on any other website, it will be called backlink of my website. Backlinks play a very decisive role in ranking any website in search engines.

You must have understood what backlink is. Now there are some terms related to it which are very important for you to know, only then you will be able to understand it well and use it in your blog. So let’s know about those terms

Low quality links

Low quality links are those links which are coming to your website from wrong sites or spam sites. Such links can only cause harm to your website, so whenever you are using backlink in your blog, keep in mind that the link of your blog should be related to high quality link.

High-quality links

High quality backlinks are called quality backlinks. The link taken from the website of a high DA, PA is called High-Quality Links. These types of links are helpful in boosting the rank of your website. Even if you get nofollow backlink from such a website, it is still very effective in increasing your website rank.

Link Juice

When the link of a web page is linked to the link of any article on your website or to your homepage, then from there the link flows to your website, we call it link juice. This link juice helps in ranking your article and also improves your domain authority.

Internal Links

Internal Links are those links which are given from any page or article of your website to any page or article of your own website, this is called Internal Links. Most of the bloggers write such posts in which they can give maximum internal links. 

It has many benefits, the first advantage is that the user reads many posts of your website, the second advantage is that you get a backlink from it, and the third advantage is that your website bounce rate reduces which increases the ranking of your website. Another advantage of this is that you can give a good backlink to any of your posts by using the keyword of your choice.

Anchor Text

The text that is used with hyperlinks is called anchor text. Backlinks are created by using your keywords in anchor text. This is the most popular method of creating backlinks and works the most. Whenever you create a backlink from anywhere, you must use anchor text.

Types of Backlink

There are mainly two types of backlinks. 1. Dofollow Backlinks 2. Nofollow Backlinks Both types of backlinks have their own characteristics. Let us know what are Dofollow and Nofollow Backlinks.

Dofollow Backlinks

Google implemented the concept of Dofollow backlink in 2005 with the aim of reducing spam link index in the search engine and further improving the search engine results.

Dofollow backlink is also called Juicy links. Dofollow links are helpful in increasing the SERP i.e. Search Engine Ranking Position of any website.

Now let’s come to the second method: Friends, like I put my link on another website, after that when Google or any other search engine’s robot crawls the links of that website, then the tag of #Dofollow allows the robot to index the link. Is. That means the search engine will index the link that I have posted on another website. This is called dofollow backlink.

Benefits Of Dofollow Backlink

  • Improves page rank.
  • Improves the authority of the blog or website.
  • Increases the ranking of content in search engines.

Nofollow Backlinks

Nofollow links are not juicy links and this type of backlink is not indexed in Google or search engines. When a Google or search engine robot visits a website, the nofollow tag prevents the robot from indexing those links which are nofollow backlinks. But this does not mean at all that nofollow backlinks are of no use. 

Nofollow backlinks are also helpful in increasing the rank of the website but it does not give much benefit as compared to dofollow backlinks. But whenever you create a backlink, you should also create dofollow and nofollow links. Because there are many such authority websites from where you get a lot of traffic by creating nofollow links which is very important for your website.

Benefits Of Nofollow Backlink

  • get traffic
  • Nofollow backlinks along with dofollow balance the website and protect you from updates that penalize you for building backlinks.
  • Helpful in improving DA, PA & other metrics.

How to create backlinks

Here we are going to tell you some easy tips by following which you can create high quality backlinks for your website.

Social media profiles

You should submit the link of your website on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, from here you get direct dofollow link. And the authority of these websites is also very high, their DA (Domain Authority) is more than 90. If you take a backlink from here, it benefits your website a lot.

Guest post

If you want to create dofollow backlink from any website to your website, then this is the easiest and famous method. By contacting any website owner, you can offer them to write a guest post for free, in return you can get 1-2 dofollow backlinks from that website.


You can create these backlinks by commenting on other websites, although it comes in the category of nofollow backlinks, it is not so important to create these links, but nofollow backlinks are also beneficial for your website, that is why you should definitely create these links. .

Profile websites

There are many such websites where you can create your account and write your information in it. In these websites, you also get the option to submit the website url, from there you can take dofollow backlinks.

Internal backlink

Whenever you write an article, link it to other articles and webpages of your website and also link the pages of other high quality websites in your article. Internal backlinks also increase the ranking of your website.

If you have any questions related to this article, you can ask by commenting. If you liked the post, please share it with your friends on social media.

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